Sandglass Drama

Tae Soo is the son of a prostitute who has to give up his studies; he joins a gang to support himself. Woo Suk is the son of the upright farmer who studies law while working part time. Hye Rin is the daughter of a crooked casino owner mob boss who gives up her lavish yet tumultuous life to pursue her studies at a University. She joins a student protest movement. It is the 1970's and South Korea is in a political upheaval. Students are abandoning their studies and joining protests and marches against the oppressive regime. Meanwhile Taesoo quickly rises up in the ranks of his crime family. His friend Woo Suk struggles to get through school while working part time jobs. One day, Woo Suk meets Hye Rin at an eatery populated by University students. Woo Suk falls in love with Hye Rin. Then Hye Rin meets Tae Soo and he falls for Hye Rin. Meanwhile Baek Jae Hee the former bodyguard of Hye Rin quietly and painfully follows her wherever she goes.
Release Date:
9 January 1995 (South Korea)
Shooting Location:
South Korea


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